Monday, October 14, 2013

Daylight Denizens is now available for order!

My first sketchbook is out and I thank you for your interest! This book is focused on people studies I've drawn over the course of several months. Anywhere I go, I take my sketchbook with me and observe those around me and thats how Daylight Denizens came to be. The book is 40 pages with more than 50 character studies. Your support will allow me to purchase a ticket to CTN expo in Burbank, CA in November where I'll be able to interact with inspirational designers in the animation industry today.

The book with shipping within the US and tracking is $13 dollars and $15 for international. For a limited time, I'll be sending out a random mini print of designs I worked on towards the end of 2012. I'd also be more than happy to personalize your book with a signature and sketch. Here are just a few sample pages inside:

At this time I'll be taking orders through PayPal. Feel free to send the amount to my email and if you'd like me to sign or draw in your book, let me know through your paypal payment. Thank you so much for your support and please come back to visit my blogger to check out all of my new work!

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